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HBI Credit Union and COVID-19


The decision was made because of COVID-19, to close our lobby, like many financial institutions in the state, have already done.  The credit union will remain open, normal business hours, for back room operations, phone calls, emails and for special services, by appointment.  If a member comes in without an appointment they might need to wait. We’ll only allow one member in the lobby at a time.  This decision will remain until the end of the month and will be re-evaluated at that time.

Here is some information you might find useful:

  • Members needing cash can use the ATM, on the property, which is free of charge for credit union members having a credit union debit card. 
  • Members also have the ability to get cash off your debit card at the grocery store or other retail outlets.  We recommend using your debit card as much as possible, you can sanitize your debit card, but you can’t with cash.
  • Members needing to make a deposit can use the Night Drop/Envelope Depository next to the ATM.  Envelopes and pens are available for special instructions.  The Night Drop/Envelope Depository will be checked several times during the day.
  • Members needing to make a deposit with cash back, can make the deposit in the Night Drop/Envelope Depository and withdrawal the funds from the ATM.  Members needing immediate credit can call us and we can retrieve the deposit so they can make the withdrawal.  (The credit union is real time, so funds are available immediately). If a member needs a larger cash withdrawal limit, we can increase their debit card limit, by just a phone call.
  • All loans will be done by e-docs.

Special Services will include:

Members who have no debit card and need cash (if you would like us to order you a debit card, please let us know), larger cash withdrawals over $500.00, New accounts, Cashier’s Checks, gift cards and notary services.

All transactions like Direct Deposit, Debit Card transactions and personal checks clearing will still be done as usual. 

We believe it’s our social responsibility, to make every effort possible, towards the containment of this virus and to protect our members and staff.

If you have any questions you can reach the credit union at or at the phone number listed below.  We appreciate your support during this ever changing time.